Size of the cell: 15 - 25 mm Shape of cell: round, sometimes oval Colour of cytoplasm: deep blue with perinuclear halo Granularity: none Nucleus' shape: round Type of chromatin: coarse grained Nuclear/cytoplasmic ratio: high Nucleoli: hardly visible, relatively large, staining like surrounding chromatin Occurrence: blood: not present marrow: < 5% Comment: Two typical proerythroblasts are seen in the middle of this picture. Also, two polychromatophilic and two eosinophilic erytroblasts are present. Single plasmocyte with different chromatin structure and a lower nucleus–cytoplasm ratio differs from the near polychromatophilic erythroblast. Staining: MGG Magnification: x 1000 1. proerythroblast 2. polychromatic normoblast 3. pycnotic normoblast 4. monocyte 5. plasmocyte 6. basophil 7. lymphocyte 8. neutrophil myelocyte 9. neutrophil metamyelocyte 10. promyelocyte

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