Size of the cell: 14 - 20 mm Shape of the cell: oval or round Colour of cytoplasm: pink Granularity: a few azurophilic and neutrophilic, different in number Nucleus' shape: semicircular Type of chromatin: condensed Nuclear/cytoplasmic ratio: low or very low Nucleoli: not visible Occurrence: blood: < 5% marrow: 5 - 20 % Comment: In the picture four band leucocytes and other maturating forms and mature neutrophil leucocytes are seen. Single promyelocyte is almost completely without primary granularity. Staining: MGG Magnification: x 1000 1. band neutrophil 2. segmented neutrophil 3. neutrophil metamyelocyte 4. myeloblast 5. promyelocyte 6. basophilic normoblast 7. neutrophil myelocyte

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  • سلولی است که درصد خیلی کمی از نوترفیلها را در خون محیطی طبیعی بخود اختصاص میدهد.سیتو پلاسم سلول باند به نسبت هسته وسیع بوده و نسبت هسته به سیتو پلاسم حدود 1به2است.

    1391/09/05 | farhad


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